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    Port Channel LACP Mode Combination: On - Active


      In the student guide "Implementing Cisco Switched Networks" Volume 1 (page 2-61) are only the following LACP mode combinations mentioned:


      On                         (Channel)        On

      On/Active/Passive  (No Channel)   Off

      Active/Passive       (Channel)        Active

      Passive/On             (No Channel)   Passive


      What is with the missing following LACP mode combination?


      On                         (?? Channel)   Active    


      Will it build a Channel or No Channel?

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          Elvin Arias

          In order to form a LACP channel you can only combine these:


          Active - Active

          Active - Passive

          On - On


          Any other combination will not properly form the LACP channel. As a side note i recommend you to always use a negotiation parameter, for example the "Active", because the "On" mode is not negotiation per se an could lead into layer 2 loops in certain cases, eventhough there is a feature for misconfigurations like these where STP protect the ports putting them into the err-disable state, you could try that in your lab, the feature is called "STP channel-misconfig" and is on by default.




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