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    Cisco Nexus SPAN Ports

    Brian O'Kelly

      Hi All. We currently have an issue in our N7K, N5K, N2K FEX switching architecture. We have some NetApp filers plugged into our 5Ks and we need to perform a SPAN capture of the traffic from them. The traffic will pass from VLAN 1 towards VLAN2. Both VLAN 1 and 2 SVIs exist on the N7K.


      From what I have read, N2K FEX ports are supported as source SPAN ports but not destination SPAN ports. We do have a 1GE card in the N7K so my idea was to use the VLAN 1 as a source SPAN port and a destination of one of the N7K 1GE ports. My issue is that there could be greater that 1GE of traffic sent towards the port from the VLAN (as the NetApp device is a 10GE device). Can anyone confirm what should occur in this scenario. From what I have read, the N7K should drop traffic in the source VLAN that exceeds the 1GE rate of the destination port.