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    Unable to Copy Files From TFTP Server


      I would like to thank everyone for their previous help in copying the running-config file from the router to the tftp server (my computer).  However, when I try to copy the file from the server back to the router, I get the following error:


      R2#copy tftp running-config

      Address or name of remote host []?

      Source filename []? r2-config

      Destination filename [running-config]?

      Accessing tftp://

      %Error opening tftp:// (No such file or directory)


      As you can see from the follow output, the file was copied from the router to the server:


      R2#copy running-config tftp

      Address or name of remote host []?

      Destination filename [r2-confg]?


      3391 bytes copied in 18.496 secs (183 bytes/sec)


      So basically I can upload to the TFTP Server but I can't download from the server.  Since I am new to this, I need to learn how to do it both ways.


      All of the applicable folders are "shared."