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    CCP in Demo Mode

    Wireless Mouse

      Hello all,


      My name is goodboy.


      I've got the real CCP up and running and today I am going to start to play with it. I would like to have also the demo mode of CCP to use it as a Guinea pig before using the real CCP. Well if you can let me know where from I can install it I will appreciate it NO only to use it as a Guinea Pig but to see the differences between ccp using version cme 7 and 8..I have CME version 7 and I can see by watching a video of CCP version 8 that is slightly different from CCP vesion 7 in every screen I go thru...Be aware guys





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          Wireless Mouse

          Hold on  please...I am watching further the video and its not version 8 but version 7 cme like mine!!! Let me think why is different his CCP to mine? I got CCP version 2.5 I need to find out what version of CCP the guy in the video got...I can not tell the name of the video as its not allowed to promote products...Well guys if you can find the CCP Demo Mode we can find out as this guy in the video is using CCP demo mode...your help will be greatly appreciate.( We need to find out what CCP version is the Demo Mode)





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            Wireless Mouse

            I have finished watching the video , I think the demo mode is ccp 2.5 and cme 7 like mine....the only differnce I can think off is that the IOS of the demo mode is 15 and mine is 12.4  ...or is there a way to turn my  real CCP tool into Demo mode?...I google Cisco CCP in Demo Mode to find if there is a demo to download and instead came up my own question in this forum I need a cigarrete!

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              CCP is graphical way of configuring a rotuer. Instead of CLI (comand line interface), you can use CCP and click on items with your mouse. You do not have to type in anything; just mouse clicks.


              CCP types commands for you.  CPP connects to router(s), you can click on whatever you want to set, change on that particular router.  When you apply your changes to router, you can see a small window with a list of commands to be apply to the rotuer. 

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                Wireless Mouse

                Yes you are correct Martin as usual..I  have seen all that and saved.....One question you see the router 2811 it has two ports fa 0/0 and fa 0/1 well fa/ 0/0 light up without any cables plugged in and Fa 0/1 does not light up even when I conencted a cable..So Fa 0/1 phisical port is faulty..I can see when I use the command line that Fa 0/1 is up/down as per below.


                FastEthernet0/1        YES NVRAM  up                    down



                Is there a way to replace the phisical port Fa 0/1 as i can not see any slot in 2811 but the inetreface ports are part of the structure of the 2811 please advise how can I fix the phisical port...I am saying this because at the moment I have only fa 0/0 working...what is it fail too...then I will be doom like a cod in the hands of a fisherman!




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                  that plugged cable is connected to something? like a switch ? another PC (crossover cable)

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                    yes to a switch...I used the right cable as i replaced it with the one I connect Fa0/0 to the switch....I know the port Fa 0/1 is faulty as it does not light up....regarless of having a cable plugged in or not it should light up..becasue port fa 0/0 light up with or without a cable........am I correct?

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                      no, interface is not UP without cable;  light might not be OK;

                      do show version

                      it tells you what and how many interfaces you got there;

                      if you can configure interface; it should be OK;

                      rotuer does internal tests when it boots up; if interface is broke, it will disable it and move on; it is not show stopper.

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                        I know interface is not up without cable....it does not come up with cable either ..it  never come up whatever I do

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                          you have good interface fa0/0 that pings PC or switch, right ?

                          unplug the cable from it and plug into fa0/1 -"broken one"


                          remove IP address from working interface and shut it down,

                          add the same IP to "broken" and no shut.


                          what happens now?

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                            I donk know ..I can not do it now as I am at work. I will do it once I come home and let you know...yes PC pings fa 0/0 ...so what u are saying that both interface can not work at the same time...first time i hear that

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                              not saying that,  it is just a way to test your interface; forget about blinking light; 


                              post #4 you have up and down. physical layer is OK, layer 2 is not. but the interface is not broken at all.

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                                I will do Post 9 when I wake up..I will be too tired when I get home..I need to rest first

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                                  good idea

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                                    I made the effort to do Post 9 before going to bed and still the same...I put my hand on fire that fa 0/1 is faulty...it has to be faulty, all the test prove that...so....I am going to bed now...I m too tired

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