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    Packet Tracer 5.3.1 Help with OSPF configuration



      Hope I am posting this in the right place. I am new to networking and I am working on a lab in packet tracer. In Area 1 from R1D I am able to ping all PCs and networks in Area 0 and Area 2. But in Area 1 from PC1 I can only ping the f0/1 interface ( and f0/0 interface ( of R1E. If I try to ping f0/0 interface ( of R1D it fails. I thought maybe the switches needed a default gateway but In the lab instructions it states the following:


      "You do not need to do any configurations on the switches. They will operate with the default configuration (i.e. just like a "dumb" switch)."


      When using the sh ip ospf nei command on R1E I see that it has of R1D as its neighbor. Issuing the same command on R1D I see of R1E is a neigbor as well. I would just like if someone can tell me what my configuration is missing in Area 1. The setup seems fine so I am unsure of why the PC can't ping R1D f0/0 interface and vice versa. I have attached the packet tracer file and a copy of the network topology. Any help would be greatly appreciated!




      Password to all routers is "hello"