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    Cisco Roaming on Aironet  1340


      this may be a stupid question to you, I am new into wireless so don't know how even to put this.


      I have to access point "cisco aironet 1340" I want to set them up for roaming, they have the same SSID and password, but they are not roaming, the user gets disconnected and then connected back to the next access point. I don't want the connection to drop.

      I checked on the documentation and even bought a CCNA wireless book, to undestand WDS but can't understand it.


      can someone put the configuration to add to those two access point? the book is showing a lot of configuration but don't know what they mean and where to put them.


      they don't have the WDS comfigured, and when I was trying to do so , they asking me for authentication server, which I don't have in the environment, I simply want people to enter the encryption key for the SSID and that's it


      thanks in advance.

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          I am following this documentatio as well, and when I try to configure the WDS is stating that I will not work unless I configure the Radius Server. I don't have a radius server, it mean I can't have roaming?

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            If you are using Autonomous APs, you should be able to configured one of the APs as a radius server.

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              I am using 2 cisco Aironet 1240AG

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                Hi CCIE_2B


                You nominate one of the AP as the WDS master and the other as client. Radius can be on any AP or router or Server.


                Regards Conwyn

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                  there is any way of doing it witouth this WDS ? I checking a video class from CBT nuggets and they are just stating 3 condition : Same SSID, same encryption key, and different channel. which is configured....

                  plus my Manager is saying they deploy roaming somewhere else, and they just did flat wireless and it sill working...( we don't have access to this access-point to see the config).


                  I think with WDS, i must create the Radius server ( locally on the AP or remote), but I don't want to control de user that comes in, I want them to type , the key for the SSID and that all I want.


                  I am in the wront path for roaming? all the concepts is making me crazy now

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                    Blake K

                    WDS is used to help create a seamless roam so that the user's session is not interrupted while they roam. If you simply have the same SSID, same encryption, etc, the user will roam, but it might not be seamless, the user will have to go through the entire join process. Depending on what the network is being used for this could be acceptable but it isn't for most connection sensitive applications.

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                      Blake, I have two Access-point, with the same SSID and key, different channel. I have sensitive application, and when the user goes from one AP to another the connection drops, I want the connection to be seamless, I don't want the connection to drop, as for the concept of WDS I must have on authentication server in place to create user account, I don't want to create another level of authentication in the environment. I want a new user to choose the SSID, enter the key and be able to roam across the facility without the connection drop and without entering like a user and password.


                      I want to set up the WDS, buy my boss told me they setup this time ago, and they didn't nothing related to WDS, they just use the 3 condition (same SSID, same key, Different channel) and the user in that location were able to roam without the connection drop.


                      so I am confuse is the WDS is really a must, to be able to roam, and if it is, how do I eliminate the Radius from the picture. Is that possible?

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                        Blake K

                        It's a must, I think you are looking at it wrong. The RADIUS is used to authenticate the WDS system. One AP is setup as a local RADIUS server and WDS master, the rest of the APs authenticate to that first AP as part of the WDS system. This allows the APs to exchange messages regarding client states to help roaming. The SSID can still be PSK.

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                          Hi CCIE_2B


                          You can think of WDS as a cache so as you roam to another  AP you refer back to the master WDS AP who says - I know this client do not re-authenticate.   This is because for voice authentication takes a significant time and you would get gaps in the calls.


                          Regards Conwyn

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                            AP 1 Have the IP and AP2 have the IP, following are the configuration I would like to add to the access-point, let me know if you are all agree.




                            Cont t


                                            Aaa new-model


                                            Radius-server local


                                                            Nas key cisco


                                                            Nas key cisco






                                            Username MAC-AP-B password MAC-AP-B


                            Username MAC-AP-A password MAC-AP-A




                                            Aaa authentication login authe-local radius




                                            Radius-server key cisco


                                            Wlccp wds priority 100 bvi1


                                            Wlccp authentication-server infrastructure authe-local






                            Conf t


                                            Aaa new-model




                            Wlccp ap username MAC-AP-B password MAC-AP-B




                                            Radius-server key cisco


                                            Dot11 SSID WilrelessSSID


                                                            Authentication network-eap eap_method


                                                            Authentication key-management CCKM


                                            Interface dot11radio0


                                                            Encryption mode ciphers ckip-cmic


                                                            Ssid WirelessSSID



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                              Blake K

                              I thought you said your SSID was using a PSK? How you have it setup there is for EAP using CCKM, not PSK.

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                                Blake, the configuration I sent is not aplied yet.

                                I have two access point broadcasting the same SSID, I would like to know if the configuration I provided is the one to make them roam seemless.

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                                  Blake K

                                  It looks like you are on the right track. You haven't provided the SSID configuration for both ends so we cant say yes that will work right.

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