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        I would suggest all the candidates here, to join a group and then everyone of us can share ideas, tips and preparation ways.


        I am also planning for Aug 3.








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          Piyush V Gupta



          I have created a yahoo study group and added members who's private email ids were available. Please check your private emails for the invitation email.


          Incase others would like to get added to the study group, pls send me a private message with your email ids.


          Study group name : CCDEstudygroup


          Study group email id : CCDEstudygroup@yahoogroups.com.au





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            Hi Guys


            Planning to take a shot on Aug 3...best of luck to all aspirants!!anyone attending any boot camp or preparatory courses?..there arent many that I am aware of though...




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              Piyush V Gupta

              I think self and group study might be best ways to prepare for CCDE. With its open syllabus.. it is clearly more than just a normal cert..it aims and expects the students to have a good handle on designing in the true sense and vast industry experience on technologies and solutions being developed and deployed in the market.


              I checked with one CCDE holder too, his views were similar.

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                Piyush V Gupta

                Hi Guys,


                So I have added 3 more friends to the study group today.


                Now here's something I propose to kick-start this study group and get into the CCDE groove:


                a) lets decide on a time slot where we all will join a webex session, say once a week to discuss topics, preps and designs. Example - lets say Saturday 7 am to 9 am EST (i dont know if thats good for all timezones)


                b) In the first meeting, we can share the books and material we plan to study and say comeup with a common study plan from Feb to May, covering various books, technologies, articles etc.If group participants feel so, they can follow this plan for their personal prep.


                c) on each weekend call, we can discuss about our past weeks study and share tips, discuss queries.

                    Then we can take up design discussions . example something that we might see in any ccde prep material or on the net. We can also discuss about any design related issues that we faced and discuss what each one will do.

                   This can lead to a healthly design discussion and prepare us for CCDE prac.


                Ultimately, this is the kind of stuff that any CCDE bootcamp will do ... atleast I think.


                We can make use of the group folder/mails to share articles, thoughts thruout the week and upload/share docs.


                Let me know how this sounds.


                Take Care.



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                  Dain Deutschman

                  Piyush - I like that idea and would love to participate. I'd be happy to setup the webex and host it if no one objects.

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                    Piyush V Gupta

                    Dain.... This sounds good.  Let us know when you are ready..thx for the initiative

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                      Vas P

                      Piyush, Please add me in the group, I am in US in EST time.My id po_vas@yahoo.com

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                        Piyush, please add me in the group, my id is varunkaa@gmail.com.

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                          Hi Piyush,


                          Count me in this group, my ID is huzefa_khozema@yahoo.com

                          • 25. Re: Study partner


                            I am on the PST and 7am EST is my 4 am PST. I am okay with 5 am PST which is 8 am EST.I am not sure about all the others.





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                              Mohamed Sobair

                              Piyush, Dain.


                              This sounds good study plan. However, I am GMT+3 and  ahead of EST time zone by 8 hours. Saturday is a working day for me. I dont mind on Saturday, But I would suggest if you can make the session on 10am EST which would be 6:00pm at my local time and I can catch up with the session when I am back from work.


                              Could you please confirm back this time if its suitable with all of us.






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                                Piyush V Gupta

                                thx all for your reply and interest in the study group.


                                I am thinking to make it 9 to 11 am EST starting from 4th Feb (this hopefully will suit GP and Mohamed, I looked at other time zones for Ottawa and Warsaw as well)


                                I know time will be a challenge, since this will be a global study group. However hope we can all work with this new time slot.


                                Dain is helping me to setup the webex. I will add new member to the group tomo and post the webex link on the yahoo group soon.


                                Take care,



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                                  Please add me to this study group as well. Nice one. tundex32@yahoo.com

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                                    Bryan Stewart

                                    Piyush thanks for taking the lead on this. I would like to make the following suggestions:


                                    1. Make sure you and/or Dain gives the host code to 3 or 4 people. This way if one of you can't make the call we can start it. Also there might be times when a host has to drop off early.

                                    2. Make sure we always record the calls and send out the link to the team. This way if someone can't make the call they can listen to it later. Also it will be a great reference tool.

                                    3. Let's all try and make sure we all contribute to the group. This can be researching topics, comments, etc. We all can learn from each other.

                                    4. Let's all try and help each other acheive their CCDE.

                                    5. Let's all come with an open mind. I know we all are engineers and we know a lot but we all can learn. When I was studying for my CCIE I kept making mistakes becaue I thought I knew the answers. Well after failing I realized I had somethign to learn.

                                    6. Let's all try and have fun.


                                    Thanks again.

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