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    CCIE Storage and CCIE Date Center, Merger or Not ?

    Atif Khan

      I would like to ask a couple of questions;


      1. Is there any update on the new CCIE Data Center announcement by Cisco next year. Rumor has it that it is definitely going to be announced.

      2. Will the CCIE Storage be merged with, retired or both stay.


      The answer will definitely affect those who are presently studying full time for storage and also have interest in DC.Generally, Cisco will announce any new change atleast 6-months in advance, but if they do say (whenever) that storage will retire in 6-months, that leaves very little time to grab the very few lab spots available. For those living in the US, the closest sites have only 1-seat in the US in San Jose and 1-seat in Brussels per day.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Antonella Corno

          Hi - please refer exclusively to the official information that comes from Cisco. Anything that does not comes from Cisco cannot be validated in any way. Thank you! Antonella

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            Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE

            heheheh...  Antonella is correct, although not very much fun in the response! 


            As I'm sure everyone knows, things have significantly evolved both in how a Data Center is perceived as well as how Cisco is positioned in such changes.  Where they used to JUST have storage potential, now things are so much more.


            So I think we can all get a good idea of where things are going to go just by watching how Cisco markets and positions themselves in that arena.


            I'd feel pretty safe in predicting that yes, there will be a full Data Center CCIE coming out.   I'd also feel pretty safe in predicting that it will encompass the Storage aspects (so CCIE Storage as it is would likely cease to exist).


            There never have been a lot of seats for storage anyway, so that problem has always been there!


            Now, if >I< were the one running things (which, I am not even close!) I would retire the Storage track instead of pretending that it evolved into Data Center.  There are SIGNIFICANT changes between the two, and I think it would be a great disservice to find someone who was CCIE Storage and "assume" that they would be equally aware of the breadth of Data Center things.


            My intent is not to offend those who may very well do fine on both sides, but I don't think it's a safe assumption given the differences!


            But right now, we're all about predictions and guesses.  But knowing that Cisco puts a lot of work and thought into this stuff, I feel pretty confident about a good logical path.