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    Lab exam questions...


      Hi guys I have a few questions about the ccie lab exam ... here they are :

      1- Can we bring our own pencils , paper sheets , watch , beverage and snacks ?


      2- Can we bring our own keyboard ? And if so, can we go back home with it after the lab exam ?


      3- How long is the lunch break ?


      4- How big is the PC screen (21 , 22 or 24 inches) ?


      5- How big are the desks ?


      6- What is the terminal software used (Putty or Secure CRT) ?

      I have asked these question to the Cisco Support and here is what they answered :



      After you schedule a lab exam, you will get a email regarding to the exam requirements. For the detailed questions you have asked, it was different from the lab locations. But for sure, you can't bring anything other than your ID card. For the detailed information, please visit http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/le3/ccie/exam/locations.html


      Can you guys help me with these questions , because obviously the Cisco Support can not..



      PS : I will take it at RTP.