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    Passed my CCNA Exam today :D


      Hello everyone, today I proudly passed my CCNA exam after 4 months of self-studying..
      I feel like a load has been taken off my chest, but I'm after CCNP now.
      I used CBT + Lammle for understanding + Odom for Key Point notes
      Also Greg's study group was greatly helpful, I did over 70 labs with him I owe him a lot really, thanks Greg.
      I was inspired by his motivations and the discussions where people say "Oh Hi I passed exam" it really motivated me..
      Just wanna say study hard, and you'll pass, the exam isn't SO HARD, it is actually simple and easy.
      I found a bug in a lab but I ignored it and I got the question right, I would go into details but I'm not allowed.