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    QOS Verification




      I need help to verify if my QoS is running. I did a capture of the show policy-map interface:


      C4506-Core1#sh policy-map interface gi3/1 output

        Service-policy output: Bandwidth_Control (oid: 1089)

          Class-map: Limited (match-any) (oid: 1091)
            2731313 packets
            Match: access-group 100 (oid: 1093)
              2731313 packets
            (ActionGrp Local Id: 1)
            QoS Set
              ip dscp 31
            bandwidth: 15000 (kbps)
                Transmit: 1443106520 Bytes, Queue Full Drops: 13 Packets

          Class-map: class-default (match-any) (oid: 1099)
            287514 packets
            Match: any  (oid: 1101)
              287514 packets
            (ActionGrp Local Id: 0)
            Transmit: 38059870 Bytes, Queue Full Drops: 0 Packets
            QoS Set
             ip dscp default


      My QoS configuration:


      access-list 100 permit ip host host
      access-list 100 permit ip any any


      class-map match-any Limited
      match access-group 100

      policy-map Bandwidth_Control
      class Limited
        set ip dscp 31
        bandwidth 15000
      class class-default
        set dscp default


      interface gi3/1

      description MetroEthernet to Site 2

      switchport mode trunk

      speed 100

      duplex full

      flowcontrol receive on

      service-policy output Bandwidth_Control


      Please help as I am still learning QoS. Thanks and appreciate any advice given.