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    OSPF - distribute-lists with ACLs or Prefix-lists

    Mike Gannon



      I have been trying to configure ditribute-lists on an OSPF network in my GNS lab that prevent LAN routers from learning routes from other LAN routers, but they do not appear to have any affect when I apply them to the OSPF process.

      If I try to apply the distribute-list to a fast ethernet interface I get the following error

      R2(config-router)#distribute-list CORE_BLOCK out fastEthernet 0/0

      % Interface not allowed with OUT for OSPF



      NB: If you are looking at the GNS configs. I have configured area 1 as a totally stubby network, but am experimenting with distriburte-lists and route maps in area 2


      Config I have tried to apply on R2 from global config mode

      ip access-list standard CORE_BLOCK

      ! deny included for clarity



      deny any


      router ospf 2222

      distribute-list CORE_BLOCK out f0/0