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    CCDE scenarios Need advice


      Hello Gentlemen,


      I am totally new to CCDE and trying to gather as much information as i could...Simply want to make sure that i am preparing in the right direction.. Need your advice..


      I am looking for a book which gives us hands on on various design scenarios we see in today's world. Is there any book which gives such design practice or hands on

      optimal routing design is more on a theory partm?


      Presently i have done my CCIE R&S and preparing for CCDE exam.

      I am going through cisco design documents for campus and enterprise network which has lot of scenarios however do you guys suggest any particular book for design scenarios or which gives us design issues and ask us to solve them?


      In the lab exam, how much level of design knowledge we need in domains like security and voice or is it purely focused on routing switching and MPLS? Please help me understand..


      Do we need to make diagrams in visio during the lab exam?


      Is the result of the exam published the same day as in CCIE?


      Lastly any particular advice or area of preparation you would like to give which can help me to understand more on the format of the exam (like how many sections are there, how much time we should be spending in each section etc...)?


      Unfortunately we dont have too many CCDE's hence its very hard to get information about their experience in the LAB. anyone attempted CCDE request you to kindly share your lab experience.......


      Any help is deeply appreciated...


      Thank you,

      Naufal Jamal

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          Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE

          The books on the recommended reading list are good.  If you know the material, don't read them for the theory.  Read them, look at the examples, and read them for the "why?" with each one.  That's the design thinking!


          Visio isn't part of the exam.  But you may well be asked to modify diagrams (in a "selection" or "placement" kinda way, nothing fancy).


          Grading the same day?  Wishful thinking!    No, it's a long and arduous process after the exams....


          Take the sample scenario on the www.cisco.com/go/ccde pages.  That'll give you a (very) rough idea of how things go.


          There's lots of reading in the exam though!   Lots to ingest and sort through to figure out the best method.  Just like real life!


          Except here you pay by the hour instead of bill by the hour!


          Good luck!




          PS.  Check out blog.ine.com and you'll see posts from back in 2008/2009 that I wrote or that Petr Lupakhov wrote while we worked there about the exam.