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    info about technologies covered and skill required in CCDE lab exam


      Hi everyone, I've just passed the CCDE written qualification exam....and now I'm preparing the lab

      I kept an eye on documentation available here regarding lab exam: v2 topic, checklist, and so on....


      but in this documentation I could only see the arguments covered from a qualitative point of view: design, choice of solution, test project, ecc....


      So I ask the following questions:


      -how can I discover all the technologies possibly covered in lab exam? Are they exactly the same as those related to written exam?

      -to accomplish the lab exam, in addition to the knowledge of the technologies, is it required the retention in memory of the various product available and their specific features? Or they'll be available in docs inserted in the exam kit?

      -to accomplish the lab exam, is it required the knowledge of licensing model of the products covered? that is, is it required the skill of developing the price code lists of the solutions?


      I thank in advance anyone who'll reply to these questions

      bye, Andrew