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info about technologies covered and skill required in CCDE lab exam

Oct 17, 2011 12:03 AM

ANDREA 27 posts since
Apr 10, 2011

Hi everyone, I've just passed the CCDE written qualification exam....and now I'm preparing the lab

I kept an eye on documentation available here regarding lab exam: v2 topic, checklist, and so on....


but in this documentation I could only see the arguments covered from a qualitative point of view: design, choice of solution, test project, ecc....


So I ask the following questions:


-how can I discover all the technologies possibly covered in lab exam? Are they exactly the same as those related to written exam?

-to accomplish the lab exam, in addition to the knowledge of the technologies, is it required the retention in memory of the various product available and their specific features? Or they'll be available in docs inserted in the exam kit?

-to accomplish the lab exam, is it required the knowledge of licensing model of the products covered? that is, is it required the skill of developing the price code lists of the solutions?


I thank in advance anyone who'll reply to these questions

bye, Andrew

  • Lauren Child 54 posts since
    Jul 13, 2009

    While I've not passed yet (another stab at the end of the week) I can say that from my experience its not really a technology exam, its an application of technology exam.


    From that point of view the written goes into much more low level detail on technologies, the practical looks at a bigger picture of applying network design based on your understanding of the technologies.  Its about general understanding and analytical/creative thinking.


    If you are through the written you are probably better off looking at architectures and application to business needs, like the SRNDs and general books on network design and how to optimally use the protocols.   Dont read to memorise, read to understand and spot the bits that make you think - as thats when you spot things that you hadn't twigged before that you can use in new designs.  I've head a few folks say that preparation is really more about becoming a better designer than it is about focusing on the exam, and its very true - I've become a better designer through preparation so the exam is really a bonus if it comes off.


    That's how prep has been for me anyway, and I've heard others who have passed already say the same.  Good luck, and fingers crossed for all who are sitting on Friday.

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  • Hello-


    I would have to agree with the above post. However, please remeber that this is an Expert level exam and your expectations should be as such.






    John Tiso, CCIE #5162

    Product Manager

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  • Hello-


    We do publish the exam topics/blueprint. I'd suggest looking at this:


    It leads to the new blueprints. We are in the process of revising the exams.




    John Tiso, CCIE #5162

    Product Manager - Cisco Services

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