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    Mobile IPv6 Home Agent <--> Mobile Node authentication


      Hello everybody,

      I am trying to implement Mobile IPv6 to do some testing.

      The idea is to run Home Agent (HA) on a Cisco router and Mobile Node (MN) on a

      Linux computer.
      After doing a lot of searching I found MIPL (Mobile IPv6 for Linux) and the

      newer version of the same project UMIP

      without using any authentication between HA and MN I managed to get it working

      (the binding is created and traffic is tunneled as expected)

      the problem begins when I want to implement authentication using IPSec ESP
      MN supports it, the problems is with Cisco router (or me not being able to find

      any solution)

      Cisco supports only SPI password authentication
      on the other hand RFC 3776 states that IPSec is the way to go.

      is there any way to configure authentication using ESP instead of SPI on Cisco


      I tried 7200 in GNS3 running 15.x code and real 2811 running 12.4(24)T and only

      SPI was supported
      searching through Mobile IPv6 configuration guide did not help me either.

      thank you for your answers in advance,