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    Unity Connection Call Handler question.


      Hi everyone,


      I've been trying to set up a call handler on Unity Connection (8.5) with the following requirement.

      After 40 seconds of ringing the call is forwarded to the call handler which plays a greeting "please keep waiting and someone will answer your call" after which it should transfer the call back to the original number. in other words it will be a loop, playing above greeting every 40 seconds.


      does anyone know if there's a better way of doing this? or actually how to make it work, since i couldn't so far.




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          The first thing is make sure the  RNA timeout on the line group meets the needs for your 40 seconds of ringing.  The Hunt Group will only hunt for as long as the line group is set to ring without being answered, I am assuming the pilot number is set not to answer the call for 40 seconds before forwarding it to the call handler.  I would check time out settings in call manager and Unity Connection.