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    How to setup a VPN Client-to-Site - Cisco RV042

    Edson Soares

      Hello, please I'd like to ask for some help.

      Someone know a paper that describes how to setup a VPN client-to-site in Cisco RV042 and could recommend to me?


      I figure out how to configure this, and I tryed configure "Client Access acounts".

      Acctualy, with this configuration, I can connect to my network by the Internet, but I can not access my file server.


      I've called to Cisco SMB Support, they helped me to configure PPTP Server role.

      Now I can connect, receive an IP address configuration equal my DHCP LAN computers.


      But I'm having some troubles to access my File Servers, I can not discover devices using names (DNS), its just work when I use FQDN.

      Every time that I try to access Windows File Server, I have to put my domain\username and password, but my laptop is on domain, for example, if I connect this same laptop on LAN socket, I don't have to insert my domain\username and password.


      My network topology:



      Well, all help are welcome :-)

      Excuse-me by any English error :-)