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    sending CDR to FTP error


      HI guys MY cme is not sending CDR  detail to ftp server


      file-acct flush with-close

      Flushing the CDR data to file and closing file

      voice_file_acct_initiate_dump_to_file: Both file modes have failed in earlier attempt

      Use file-acct reset when the problem is recovered



      031078: Sep  7 10:29:09.390:  fact_cdr_flush_timer_stop

      031079: Sep  7 10:29:09.390:  CDR Flush timer expired, so flushing cdrs to file

      031080: Sep  7 10:29:09.390: voice_file_acct_write:

      031081: Sep  7 10:29:09.390: file_acct_write_local: file accounting buffer overflow,dumping to file

      031082: Sep  7 10:29:09.390: file_acct_write_local: error: file_acct buffer full. Drop msg

      031083: Sep  7 10:29:09.390:  Restarted cdr flush timer

      031084: Sep  7 10:29:09.390:  fact_cdr_flush_timer_start



      gw-accounting aaa

      method first


      gw-accounting file

      primary ftp username tms password 7 04480A161C35410A

      secondary ifs flash:cisco

      acct-template callhistory-detail

      maximum buffer-size  15

      maximum retry-count 3

      maximum fileclose-timer 300

      maximum cdrflush-timer 245

      cdr-format compact


      Can any one help me to get the CDR uploaded to the ftp server