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    How does this traffic pattern work....

    Steven Williams

      I am going to try and explain this the best I can here....


      If I have lets say 3 locations, a central location with a datacenter and 2 remote locations over 1gig fiber to the datacenter. The central location has clients and servers on vlan 1. The main location has a layer 3 switch that has layer 3 interfaces back to the remote locations. All clients at remote locations are also on vlan 1. The internet is also accessed through the central location as well. There is a layer 3 interface from the main location layer 3 switch to the firewall.


      Now when clients at the remote location access server resources, there traffic comes over the WAN and then is essentially part of VLAN 1 at the main location? Is that correct? What about their internet traffic? They request the internet, it comes over the WAN, it doesn't match any route in the main site layer 3 switch so that switch will just hand it off to its default gateway (the Firewall), correct? So that traffic that needs to hit the internet will not hit VLAN 1, but traffic needing server resources will.

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