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        Dustin Harper

        So, it's comparable to the CompTIA A+ certification. Very basic, but proves you're skilled enough to work on the hardware. Of course, the sky is the limit as to how far you go past the CCT!

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          Awesome comparison Dustin!  It is the A+ for Cisco hardware.  I like it!  Maybe that's why there are multiple CCT certs, to account for the different hardware.

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            Wendell Odom

            Yeah, I wouldn't have put that 2+2 together from the CCT web pages without getting some time with Cisco on the phone before the announcement, so I could blog about it. (nww.com/odom, today's post, if you care to look.) I agree, it'd be great to hear from someone who lives in that world, getting dispatched onsite by Cisco but working for someone else, and see what they think of CCT. To me, for that narrower specific purpose, to certifiy TAC-dispatched techs, it's a great idea. The broader question of the usefulness of CCT for the rest of the market is the one we'll all get to see play out over time.

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              Wendell Odom

              Dustin, there's no "like" button, but I'll second that like!

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                Perhaps we need to throw that in the feature request "suggestion box" thread.  Bring on the Like button!

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                  As a CCENT for the past few months, every interview I have gone to, the employer has never even heard of CCENT. They ignore that and ask if I have CCNA.  In fact one employer even laughed at me in the interview when I told them I know IP Subnetting and Addressing. I guess I have a long way to go still .


                  I think everything of the CCT will probably go hand in hand with CCENT/CCNA.  When will the Self Training Kits/books come out for the CCT?  I'd rather spend $100 on a book kit than $900 for 15- 18 hours of online training classess.

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                    How does the CCT relate to the CCENT?

                    Is the CCENT going away?

                    How much is the test cost?

                    Does the CCT R&S take the place of the Intro/ICND1 exam for CCNA purposes?

                    Is the CCT going to be a prerequisite for an associate level cert?

                    Is there going to be a CCNA Data Center soon?

                    There was talk about a CCIE Data Center at Cisco Live, so would there also be the professional and associate level DC certs also?



                    (640-692) RSTECH Exam Topics

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                      garry baker

                      well i have ccna,ccnp,ccip and studying for ie r&s and when i first saw these certs i was exicted to see an entry level exam that was about on UCS and Nexus, because this gives me the chance to start at the lowest level and identify this equipment as i have never worked with it either hands on a phyiscal box or remote access say in a lab rack...


                      not sure how the CCT pans out with the CCENT and the CCNA but i like the idea of starting with a hands on hardware console port, booting the device aspect...


                      i dont know how many times i work with a NA,NP that doesnt understand boot process and hardware learned all the protocols and apps via GNS3 or remote lab rack or even worse packet tracer...

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                        You'll find many of the answers you're looking for on the CCTRS page, and the FAQ, plus Wendell and others give a good description earlier in this thread.


                        How does CCTRS relate to CCENT? They are both entry level exams, comparable in difficulty. CCENT is not going away, and CCTRS doesn't replace either of the ICND exams. CCT and CCENT serve different purposes, and can coexist happily. CCT is built around the onsite technician job role - those folks out in the field who are going onsite to provide install, replace/repair, and possibly troubleshooting services, either for their own company, or a Cisco contracted provider.  Many of these folks are sent onsite to honor Cisco service contract agreements, working directly with Cisco TAC and VISE engineers.  CCT now provides a certification for those folks who don't neccessarily need the networking skills covered in the CCENT exams, but do need the HW focused procedures covered in CCT.  To say it simply, CCT is focused on devices, CCENT is focused on networking.


                        There is a small amount of overlap between CCTRS and the ICND1 exam, and this makes sense. . .   there's a certain level of base knowledge required to be familiar with Cisco equipment.  But the CCTDC and CCTTP exams are fairly unique in that they focus on the HW and repair procedures for those product lines.


                        Many people who are newbies to IT get their start or make the transition by filling one of these onsite technician job roles.  CCT is for them.  And many of the technicians out there have made a long and fulfilling career providing service for these products. CCT is for them, too.


                        Details: Training is $299, exam is $125. Trainings for all tracks are online, modular, e-learning offerings you can buy directly from Cisco's Learning Store. Exams are distributed through Pearson Vue test centers, similar to other Cisco certs.

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                          Mike Chi

                          For onsite support technicians, what would be the most effective way to obtain the CCT certification?

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                            Dear Mr. Wendell Odom,


                            we need a book!!!



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                              Wendell Odom

                              Who knows, Eduardo, maybe I'll end up writing something just 'cause you wrote that!


                              Seriously, though, I too was curious about their publishing plans, so I asked my friends at Cisco Press about their plans for publishing to the CCT certs on a call yesterday. I don't remember exactly how they phrased it, it was something to the effect of "considering and evaluating", or somesuch. It's probably just too early in the life of CCT for them to decide whether to publish books for the cert or not, and there are no CCT books about to hit the book list at their web site.





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                                Mike Chi

                                Or, perhaps, for the time being, launch the E-Learning course and save the audio narration scripts for each slide into a seperate notepad for references and review. This may help passing the exam.


                                Here is my 2 cents suggestion.



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                                  Ann Marcus

                                  Hi guys...there is a Like button (at the top right in the original post in the thread next to the other social media buttons), but, alas, it is for the entire thread, not individual posts. <sigh>. I agree that that would be much more useful, but we've been told that the architecture of the platform (Jive) isn't set up to do that.




                                  Community Manager

                                  • 29. Re: Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) General Discussion
                                    just plain old Kev

                                    As a CCNA and someone who has read all the major CCNA self study books, and also gone through the Cisco Academy, Im very intrigued by this new Certification.


                                    I have felt frustrated by how little of the layer 1 stuff is taught to CCNA's.  I understand that  you can't add every topic in the world to an already huge exam, but I really wish the material in the CCT route/switch exam had been a part of the CCNA exam.  I know from experience that the majority of people coming out the academy program barely know how to hook up a laptop to a console connection (where DO I plug this thing in?).


                                    I plan on taking 1 or all three of these exams to fill in the gaps.  No I probably will never be a service technician, but I feel its extremely important for a CCNA to know the objectives covered in the CCT R&S...even though some of them are touched on in the CCNA curriculum.



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