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    Video Review - ICND2 - Module 5 - Implementing EIGRP


      Hello there, just wanted to give a short review on Module 5.  I think the video does a great job explaining how to implement EIGRP.  I feel like I can have it setup in no time and understand how to troubleshoot most of the common problems related to EIGRP.  A lot of it is very similar to troubleshooting OSPF with some minor differences here and there. 


      The more confusing areas I feel are in the area of Metric, Load Balancing and Unequal-Cost load balancing.  My initial impression was that I maybe missed something earlier on?  I think that is going to take some time to absorb (repitition being the key).  All and all, the videos are very good as they have been since the beginning. 


      One thing I'm finding amazing is that I can actually explain a lot of the concepts to my co-workers at work.  Which makes me feel that I am grasping the knowledge very well.