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    Script to record prompts in UCCX V8

    Patrick Geschwindner - CCIE R&S, CCSI

      After the switch from v7 to v8, UCCX is now an appliance platform like UCM. This also caused a few changes in some script steps. Especially writing files/prompts to the file structure in UCCX is now different. To write files to the UCCX server one needs to be authenticated. I had an pretty old script which I used to record prompts for my customer projects. This allowed me to record 10 prompts in a row. Just rename and put them at the right place. After the switch to v8 this script failed to write the wav-file because the location I used is now part of the protected file system. Also the way how to write prompts needed to be changed. I fixed this and if anybody is interested, I attached a copy of the script.