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    EIGRP K-values


      Hi guys,


      I need someone here to assure me that I'm not going crazy or that I got this totally wrong. Either way it'll help me. =)


      "K values that are set to nonzero values are used to calculate the EIGRP metric, and K values that are set to 0 are not used..."


      Q: Which of the following metrics are used by RouterB to calculate the EIGRP composite metric?

      k1=0 k2=1 k3=0 k4=0 k5=0


      In my understanding... k2/load would be the correct answer.


      The only "nonzero value" is K2/load so my question is... How can the exam environment request me to select bandwidth/k1 and load/k2 in order to be correct?


      Can anyone expand on that please? Have I missed anything here? I know these are the non default values, but will bandwidth/k1 be used even though k1 is set to 0? I wouldn't think so.