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    Free GNS3 Video Collection for Download,Setup & Installation & Customization of GNS3


      If you are like me, then you have been struggling to get GNS3 running on your computer. I have collected these videos that covers from the beginning through the intermediate steps of everything you need to get a souped up GNS3 setup for your Cisco Studies. I have seen similar collection of videos online for sale around 200 USD. Just search in google for GNS3 training it will be the 1st link that come up.  All of these videos are available for viewing free on the Internet. I am having to Reformat my harddrive, So I Uploaded these videos online So I can easily download them after I reformat my drive. In case these will be helpful to anyone else I am sharing the information here.


      GNS3 for Cisco Studies


      What is GNS3

      GNS3 How to Part-1

      GNS3 How to Part-2

      GNS3 How to Part-3

      GNS3 How to Part-4

      The 2 min GNS3 Installation

      How To Install GNS3 on Windows

      Teachingyou How to install GNS3

      GNS3 How to download, install GNS3

      How to Configure gns3 and dynamips

      How to Install GNS3 Cisco Router Simulator

      How to download and install  Dynamips Dynagen on your PC

      Install and Configure the Dynamips GNS Cisco router simulator


      Installing GNS3 on Mac OSX

      GNS 3 Set Up and add IOS on Mac OSX


      GNS3 on Linux

      Ubuntu 10.10 with GNS3 VMWare Guest

      Uncompressing Cisco IOS images in Linux

      GNS3 Multiple Terminal Tabs using Linux - Ubuntu

      Upgrade GNS3 from 0.7.2 to 0.7.3 on Ubuntu

      Linux Bridging for GNS3 - VirtualBox LAN communication



      New features in GNS v.7

      New features of GNS 0.7.3

      Power of GNS3 - Dynamips

      Review of GNS3 Workbench 5.6

      Getting to know the GNS3 - Dynamips interface





      Using Putty with GNS3 - Part 1

      Using Putty with GNS3  - Part 2


      Dynamips 14 routers on 2 GB RAM pc

      GNS3 - Dynamips Running 100 Routers


      GNS3 SecureCRT and Idle PC

      Configuring idlepc in GNS3 - Dynamips

      How to set idlepc value to stop high CPU Usage


      GNS3 Ramdrive = insanely fast load times

      Uncompressing Cisco router images for faster load times in GNS3


      Resources Folder GNS3

      Examining the GNS3 .NET file

      How to extract an IOS for use in GNS3

      How to save your router configs in GNS3

      Restoring your Cisco router configurations in GNS3

      Saving your router configurations and layouts in GNS3

      Saving your topology and Cisco router configurationsin GNS3


      GNS3 Intro Lab

      GNS3 and msloopback integration

      Adding your own PC to GNS3 with MS Loopback

      How to Connect a Computer to GNS3

      How to connect real equipment a add host

      How to Connect VirtualBox to GNS3

      GNS3 How to connect to real equipment

      Adding a virtual switch to GNS3 - Dynamips

      Connecting GNS3 routers to the Internet

      Creating a virtual switch lab with GNS - Dynamips

      Connecting real routers - switches to your GNS3 virtual lab

      Connect real switches to GNS3 using a Breakout Switch

      Router Simulator - Adding a thrid router to our network using GNS3

      Creating a virtual PC to router connection - Connecting VMWare to GNS3

      GNS3 - How to connect GNS3 to a real router or switch and to the internet

      Connecting Virtual Machines in GNS3 to the Local Machine and to the Internet (Part 1)

      Connecting Virtual Machines in GNS3 to the Local Machine and to the Internet (Part 2)



      ICND1 Assesment lab in GNS3

      ICND2 Assessment lab in GNS3


      GNS3 Setup with Live Lab environment

      GNS3 Simple Lab set up Part1

      GNS3 Simple Lab set up Part2

      How to build your own custom lab

      How to build your own custom lab

      Sample video of INE GNS3-Dynamips


      Cisco and GNS3 Basic Command Tutorial Part 1

      Cisco and GNS3 Basic Command Tutorial Part 2

      Cisco and GNS3 Basic Command Tutorial Part 3


      Using Wireshark with GNS3

      Capture Frames with Wireshark in GNS3


      Basic T1 Configuration Video

      Access Server Configuration on GNS3

      Site to Site IPSEC VPN lab in GNS3


      GNS3 and Cisco Secure Device Manager SDM


      Configure ASA 8 Firewall on GNS3

      Cisco ASA GNS3 as a Desktop Firewall

      GNS3 - How to configure GNS3 and Cisco ASA Firewall

      How to get an Unrestricted License for the Pix Firewall

      Fixing Error - GNS3 is not able to open saved projects (.net file)


      Download Here: http://mycertcollection.blogspot.com/2011/08/gns3-for-cisco-studies.html


      Also Video Collection - Advanced Cisco studies using GNS3 Available