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what is an average attempts to pass CCENT, CCNA, CCNP, & CCIE individually?

Aug 2, 2011 9:29 AM

Rajendra 26 posts since
May 5, 2011

curious to know the statistics. 

  • Until they're complete.  

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  • Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE 8,427 posts since
    Oct 7, 2008

    heheheh...   Definitely.


    Do statistics matter?  Study until you know the stuff and you'll pass on the first try! 


    If you have good base knowledge but haven't done any targeted studying and are winging it, you have a 50/50 chance of passing. 


    If you haven't studied much, there's still a statistical chance of getting multiple choice questions correct, but enough to pass is significantly reduced!


    I know the CCIE ones hover around 3.5 times to pass, but I have never heard anyone talk about statistics for the lower tracks.  And given the quantity of people who take those exams, I don't even know if anyone tracks that.


    The more you study and the more you know, the less times it will take you to pass!



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  • Martin 13,898 posts since
    Jan 16, 2009

    3.5 I buy that; it is the CCIE lab that is hard to pass, although CCIE Written is also tough;


    I would say this: if you are struggling to pass CCNA, you can forget about CCIE;

    if you are struggle at CCNP, you might have a chance if you figure it out what and where is problem or problems;

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  • James 592 posts since
    Jun 29, 2008

    it is hard to do the average to pass the exams, since some people fail the 802 then they take them seperate and maybe pass them that way after 1 or 2 tries.

    If you have a hard time to train and take exams, you may not be able to pass the Cisco exams since they want you to know the material and that shows  others that you are able to do the basic jobs.

    With Microsoft i think the exam pass score is 700/100 with Cisco it is 850/1000 and you have a few sims, if you fail the sims then you will fail the exam. So you have to know the material.

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  • Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE 8,427 posts since
    Oct 7, 2008



    That's like saying if you did poorly on your SAT/ACT exams you're going to be a failure in life!   Not necessarily true!


    Very often people struggle with the plethora of information out there.  Some are really good at figuring things out on their own.   Some are good with reading books.   Others need more interaction to have things make sense (live or remote class or mLearning)...


    But it depends on who explains it and how someone's mind works to understand it!


    Will some people never make it to CCIE?  Absolutely.  Whether a strong CCNP or struggling CCNA doesn't really discriminate there.


    Keep trying!  Keep learning!  And try new methods if the last one didn't work!



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  • scubaron 3 posts since
    May 1, 2010

    The best of the best have replied but no one from a post secondary institution with stats...

    Right now the CCNA has failure rate for the first time attempt at 95%...yep don't plan on passing unless you know your stuff and have written tech or timed exams before.


    I know of several very sharp students from this past year that held an 80-90 percent average,did well on CISCO practice tests and failed miserably on the real deal.A couple came within one or two questions of passing but no dice and a couple scored less on the second time...the sims and the clock got them.... A former instructor is said to have failed 4 or 5 times before passing CCNA


    Personally,I beat those stats and passed first time and found the test easier than what  I had in class...but I was also used to exam taking....I actually thought I failed when the last  screen came up and had to read it twice to see I passed...I  did well and not just a pass...:)


    I plan on CCNP but no CCIE due to the costs and ROI...I became a SCUBA instructor for fun but never recovered the cost so at my age a CCIE would be cool but out of range financially....the CCNA was done for fun but I may have a teach position due to it.....


    BTW..Scott...your "lab" rocks !



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  • Martin 13,898 posts since
    Jan 16, 2009
    if you did poorly on your SAT/ACT exams you're going to be a failure in life! 

    but you will not get to Harvard or any other Private reputable Universities; and you probably won't become a doctor (maybe a dentist hahahaha)


    I did not say anything about failure in life;


    if you keep failing CCNA exam, I would look at other things to do; find something you good at; maybe networking is not your thing;


    there are a lot of happy CCNPs that don't think about CCIE;

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  • Conwyn 9,677 posts since
    Sep 10, 2008

    Hi Martin


    I think it depends on your career point if you are starting a job and still getting lost on the way to the restroom you might have to pass the CCNA as a condition of employment whereas you current role might be level 0 support or making the coffee. You then move from the initiation period to where you live Cisco 9am-5pm and so CCIE is just second nature. Young people without a care in the world maybe less motivated than the same person five years later.


    The spin side of the CCNA is the use of simulators compared with real equipment so it is a false environment.


    From a business view the question is not if they passed, the question is can they do the job. Certification collectors are generally found in Cisco Partners or Client Facing Roles. They might be good at Cisco but know nothing about the range of skills required by the Enterprise.


    Regards Conwyn

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  • Ron, where did you get the 95% first time failure rate for the CCNA?   I'd be quite interested to hear if it came from Cisco, since they typically do not post those kinds of statistics publicly. 


    Quite honestly the only Cisco exam I've ever NOT passed on the first try was the CCIE R&S lab(and I more or less knew the outcome going be honest). 


    CCNA on first time out is entirely possible, but you cannot underestimate where Cisco put the bar, and your prep needs to reflect that. 

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  • Pete Nugent 1,256 posts since
    Dec 8, 2008

    Have to be honest here I certified as CCNA and it expired. when I went t recertify I failed, ok only by a few points but it was a fail.


    Now the exams are expensive and I am doing my CCNP. Some stuff is so new and I might never use it but I will pass it. I am a wireless guy and sat two wireless exams in a day and passed them both, If its familure territory its doable. If its new, like the CCNA to most people its tough.


    The CCNA is a tricky exam. I actually think that the CCNP is easier. OK dont hang me. Most CCNP exams do not cover the breadth of the CCNA although the CCIE does.


    Passing the CCNA is hard as you are new to Cisco, probably, and their exams. CCNP is targeted at specific subject matter. ROUTE, SWITCH etc. Even the CCNP specialisations and CCNA specialisations are more focussed. The CCIE is a completely different animal. Most people its time v technology. You can do the lab if you have 3 or 4 days.


    However, there are great CCIEs and some not so great. There are also people who are very very competent with minimal if any certs. "He knows who he is", Certs are helpful but not the be all and and all. Some companies, Partners, require them. Most companies want good competent people. I would be suprised if the failure rate at CCNA was 95% as the CCIE is about 80% and renowned as probably the hardest exam in the IT industry.


    Failure is always a part of success. It shows we are human, it teaches us humility. It also helps us strive to the next level. Some people may never be CCIE althugh they are good enough.


    Dont worry about statistics and failing, enjy the journey, trials and tribulations on the paath to success,

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  • Jared 5,547 posts since
    Jul 27, 2008

    hehhe.... Nice.  That is me all the way.

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  • Rubin 409 posts since
    Nov 12, 2008

    I think scubaron has reported stats from his post secondary institution.

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  • Daniel 239 posts since
    Jul 21, 2011

    Hi Rajendra,


    I have no clue about the official statistics because of the different ways you can do the exams, but perhaps i can help you with some insight from University studies and the passrate for CCNA there.


    60 People started studying network, me included. After the first year the courses had covered CCNA Composite (CCNA1-4) Version 4.0.


    After Second year the courses had covered CCNA Wireless, Voice and Security.


    After Third year the courses had covered CCNP.


    Now im at the 4th year where the CCDA/CCDP is covered. But that's irrelevant.


    Every student had the opportunity to take their exam after 2 years  and 3 years (Diploma after 2 and Bachelors after 3)....heres the interesting part, taking the CCNA-*certifications* were optional, and so was the CCNA at the Cisco Academy.


    Of 60 students starting CCNA-1, 53 passed into CCNA-2. Only 40 decided to pursue the CCNA-2. 35 passed into CCNA-4...only 7 passed the CCNA-4.


    So that was 7 out of 60 from the beginning that passed all the way through CCNA at the Academy.


    Now im still studying so i haven't done the Certification exam, but 3 of my classmates passed the ICND1 and 2 Exams and have their CCNA-certification. The other 3 failed and refused to re-take it. They didn't even pass the CCENT.


    So in my class, it was 3 who actually passed the real exam...out of 60 starting.

    ...most of my classmates passed the university studies with no problem.


    I don't know if this is normal or not, but i have asked with other students that have graduated before me and they said it sounded about right for their classes as well.

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  • Conwyn 9,677 posts since
    Sep 10, 2008

    Hi Daniel


    This sounds every interesting CCNA, CCNA Specials, CCNP, CCDA/CCDP over a four year course.


    Do you do any background theory or is it simply Cisco material?


    Regards Conwyn

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