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    (Additional Task button function) Cisco SDM 2.5  on w7 x64


      Thanks for all the help, Martin and Techkid.


      I guess downgrading the OS is indeed security?


      After spending my entire weekend I was able to  get SDM up and running, but with a none functioning "Aditional task button".


      After following the other discusions of how to solve the issue SDM was intermitant at best, hangs, and will not always even open!


      I Dl'ed Java 6u3  32 bit

      6u24 32 bit ,  ( both must be installed and in order).

      add the string


      start/control pannel/java/ java/view

      add string -XmX256m  @  runtime parameters  for  6u3 and deselected the check box "enable" on 6u24.


      also run compatability mode,




      XP sp3 no go,

      XP sp1 no go,

      server 2003 sp1 nogo,

      server 2008 sp1 nogo,

      vista sp2   <- majic wienner



      when U double click on icon SDM

      it opens,


      & then


      enter ip of your router in GNs3. 192.168.1.xxx



      then then select


      (this device has https enabled and I want to use it)




      then the first SDM  window opens and will just hang for all eternity.




      I deselect the box that this device has HTTPS wanting to use IT.




      vola you get the second window for

      user name



      now you get a new digital sig error but  click

      RUN ,,,,, threw all of the following error screens ( MANY ERROR SCEENRS)


      I asume that we can no longer use SSH?



      Now after all that the button (Aditional Tasks ) does indeed function.



      serial ports, old software, & compatability mode:


      WOW don't tell the Chinese.

      oh yeah the Hackers are all, dumb, and ruski is slow?



      How about a Cisco SDM 2.6 for w7 x64?


      having 32 bit OS with only 4 gig mem was allot less hassle than the pleasures of 8 gig memory in windows 7 x64, even the OS, XP pro 64 has troubles.