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    4 3550's plus GNS3 and windows 7 home edition

    John M Manning

      Hello everyone,


      I have accesss to four 3550's with EMI IOS.  I have GNS3 up and running fine on my windows 7 box.  So I've been looking around a bit to see how to incorporate these switches into my studies using GNS3.


      I have seen only a handful of discussion on this matter, and most talk to adding a multiport NIC to your PC.  These cards, seem difficult to get unless you want to spend several hundreds+ dollars.  I have seen some listings on ebay, but they come with a lot of warnings from folks here as to be sure they are xyz and not abc or they won't work.


      This brings me to my question.  I saw a post a while back in the discussions, just not sure which group the discussion belonged to any more, but Scott Morris mentioned using USB - ethernet connections with no issues.


      I did some looking around and the USB 2.0 to 10/100mbps are ranging anywhere from 20-50 bucks, for the most part.


      Has anyone...or better yet, is anyone, right now, using the USB 2.0 to 10/100 solution?  Did you have problems?  Is this an avenue worth using for the CCNP track?  Did you try this route and found it to be...not so good and had to go the multiport NIC route?


      As always, all your feed back is worth it's weight in gold.


      Thanks everyone.



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