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    Stretched Vlans

    Alim Pervizi

      Hello there,


      We plan to deploy VMware vCenter SRM failover between two buildings.


      To achieve a successful failover of the VMs from the Protected Site Vlan (Production Site) to the Recovery Vlan (Disaster Recovery Site) and have all the virtual machines come up in the Disaster Recovery Site using the same IP as the Production Site is to stretch the Protected Vlan to the Recovery Site.


      How do we stretch Vlans across a Layer 3 link?


      Do we just create the same Protected Vlan configuration in the Recovery Site (DR) switch?


      Protected Vlan

      Vlan 10


      Recovery Vlan

      Vlan 10


      The link between the buildings is private dark fiber.


      Building I and Building II have layer 3 switch and the link between the buildings is routed, Layer 3.


      Building I         


      Cisco 6506

      Interface GigabitEthernet3/1

      no switchport

      ip address



      Building II


      Cisco 4507R

      Interface GigabitEthernet4/1

      no switchport

      ip address