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    Passing CCIE Certification Exam

    Mohamed Sobair

      Hi Group,



      I am very glad today to declare I have finally passed my CCIE Certification after a long journey of continuous efforts


      The CCIE means and brings a kind of self satisfaction to me, and in fact, it kept me waiting before achieving it just to look for the second career path quite enough.


      I share my success today with the people who used to answer and solve the Posters enquiries and resolve it, the people who share their knowledge and expertise, with the Cisco Employees, Hall of Fame people, Cisco Designated VIPs, and with all of the Community members. The Cisco Support Community and the Cisco Learning Network are great tools to help candidates and raise their knowledge.


      I now have to decide what is my next certification path will be, Service provider, Security, Or CCDE. As I have gained some of experience on all of these tracks. I need to do proper self evaluation on the subjects and would therefore decide.


      I would like to share some of the recommended books that I have used through my study for CCIE:


      1-     1- CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Certification Guide.


      2-     2-  Internet Routing Architecture Volume 1 and 2.


      3-    3-   MPLS Fundamentals.


      4-     4-  Routing TCP/IP volume 1 and 2.



      Thank you all and I wish all of you the best.




      Mohamed Sobair


      CCIE   # 29645 #

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