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    Pls Help.......    Is there a way to pass two different vlan traffic in a single port of 3560 switch...



      Is there a way to pass the two different  vlan traffic in a single port.

      like the following vlan 3 and 21 in fa0/23. But port fa0/23 is connected to an unmanagable 16 port switch.



      L3_3560SW#sh run

      Building configuration...


      Current configuration : 7571 bytes


      version 12.2

      no service pad

      service timestamps debug uptime

      service timestamps log uptime

      service password-encryption


      hostname L3_3560SW


      enable secret 5 $1$


      no aaa new-model

      clock timezone UTC 3

      system mtu routing 1500

      ip subnet-zero

      ip routing

      no ip domain-lookup

      no ip dhcp conflict logging

      ip dhcp excluded-address

      ip dhcp pool THREE





      vlan internal allocation policy ascending




      interface FastEthernet0/1

      description Server

      no switchport

      ip address

        no keepalive

      storm-control broadcast level 50.00

      storm-control multicast level 50.00


      interface FastEthernet0/23

      In this port I want to pass both traffic of vlan 3 and 21. This port is connected to 16 port unmanagable switch. In that 16 port switch has both vlans client PCs.

      Pls help me how to do it.

      interface Vlan1

      no ip address



      interface Vlan3

      ip address


      interface Vlan21

      ip address 141.xxx.xxx.18


      ip classless

      ip route

      ip route 141.xxx.xxx.16 141.xxx.xxx.1

      ip http server


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