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    Router switch connection problems

    Neil Clark


      Hi All,



      Hope someone can give some advice. In my companys data centre i have had to run a Cat 6 cable between 2 floors, between two 2811 router and two 3750 switch. The cable run is about 94 metres. the 3750 switches on the first floor are in the same rack and the two 2811 routers are on the ground floor in racks that are directly next to each other. One of the routers gets a link connection but defaults to Half duplex even though both ends are configured to 100mb full duplex. the other connection will not come up. I have tested the cable with a cable tester and it shows all pairs are ok. When i plug the switch end into the cable tester and the other end into the router the router interface gives and UP/Down output.



      i have had this working in the lab so i am wondering if the cable distance is actually slightly longer than 94 metres, however i have had no experience of what the problems are with connections nearing the 100 metre mark.



      does anyone have any ideas??