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    6504e Non-Volatile RAM


      My 6504e has NVRAM and a 3V battery that maintains the content of that RAM when the unit is powered down.  I'm trying to find out if the 3V battery recieves a charge when the unit is powered on to prolong the battery life.




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          Pramod Kumar

          Hi Aron,


          The  3v battery is not charged inside the SUP system in anyway. However if you think that the SUP will not be used for a long time there is a command which will disable the real time clock. by this way you will conserve the battery power.


          1. Insert the sup and let it boot up.

          2. At the command prompt issue the following command,

               hw-module rtc-oscillator shutdown

          Upon entry you will find a similar message as shown below,


          %C6K_PLATFORM-4-RTC_OSCILLATOR: The oscillator in the Real Time Clock

          is [chars]. Calendar [chars] be maintained during the powered down state of the