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    CCENT: two questions about switch config..


      Hi there,

      I ran upon two questions that don't make much sense to me:

      1.Upon the first installation of a switch or router, the administrator tipically configures it via.... TFTP server???? Doesn't the "via console terminal" make much more sense?


      Match each of the following steps of the physical Catalyst switch startup process:

      2 Observe the boot sequence, including the Cisco IOS Software output text on the console

      1 Attach the power cable plug to the switch power supply socket.

      3 Verify that all cable connections are secure, the terminal is connected to the console port, and the console terminal application is selected

      I would say more like 3,1,2. At least it's what I did when I configured a Cisco switch. Illuminate me please..

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          Matt Bowler

          Good morning,


            I would say that the first question may depend upon the context of the situation and environment.  If you have a configuration that is ready to deploy and test, then you could theoretically stand up the switch and setup a management IP in order to transfer an existing configuration via TFTP to the switch and then reload it.  However, if the switch has it's default configuration in place you must first connect to the switch via a Console cable before you even begin the process of transferring an existing configuration via TFTP.  In most cases one would perform configuration and testing in a lab environment and then implement that configuration into a production device.


            For the second question... #2 is definitely last.  It is a little unclear as to which 'cable connections' are referenced in #3.  It makes sense to have your console cable in place and then attach the power cable and power on the device.  That way you won't potentially miss any of the boot sequence and IOS initialization output that requires the console cable and terminal application.  I would normally do it in the order you suggest, but other people may have a different take.



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            Good morning again (Italy here),


            and thanks for the reply, I hate when there's no clear answers. Bye!

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              "Upon the first installation" I would assume that the device is clear of all configurations, so with that in mind the only way to make configurations is through the console port.