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    Configuring ASDM on GNS3

    Rama Krishnan

      Greetings to All


      Im having issue while configuring Cisco ASDM in GNS3, here below I have attached the configuration along with Lab setup. Please assist me where I did mistake..on the same timw how could I  support to achive accessing ASA through ASDM..



      C1:IP Address: but my PC's Loopback If)


      R6 Configuration:


      interface FastEthernet1/0

      ip address

      duplex auto

      speed auto


      interface FastEthernet1/1

      description inside ASA

      ip address

      duplex auto

      speed auto


      ASA configuration


      interface Ethernet0/0

      nameif OUTSIDE

      security-level 0

      ip address


      interface Ethernet0/1

      nameif INSIDE

      security-level 100

      ip address


      C is directly connected, OUTSIDE

      C is directly connected, INSIDE

      S* [1/0] via, INSIDE


      Error obtaing as below on ASA while IM trying tp push the ASDM file in to ASA

      ASA# copy tftp:// disk0:/asdm-523.bin


      Address or name of remote host [ ]?


      Source filename [asdm.bin]?


      Destination filename [asdm-523.bin]?


      Accessing tftp:// /asdm.bin...

      WARNING: TFTP download incomplete!


      %Error reading tftp:// /asdm.bin (Unspecified Error)