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    DOES TCP operate at L3 of the TCP/IP Stack?



      I thought I had a fairly good grasp on TCP/IP and OSI concepts but taking the practice test I got the following question wrong and am rather confused and I definitely dont want to make a similar (and costly) mistake in the exam so I'm hoping someone can straighten me out.



      29. Which three statements about TCP are accurate? (Choose three.)


      TCP operates at Layer 3 of the TCP/IP stack.

      TCP is a connection-oriented protocol.

      TCP provides no error checking.

      TCP packets are numbered and sequenced so that the destination can reorder packets and determine if a packet is missing.

      TCP provides no recovery service.

      Upon receipt of one or more TCP packets, the receiver returns an acknowledgement to the sender indicating that it received the packets.

      The correct answers are in bold. Now perhaps they felt the other answers may be simply "better" but that seems very relative to me and my answer was very Black and White. "TCP and UDP operate at L3 of the TCP model."



      have I been staring at my computer screen too long (13+ hours) and I am overlooking something obvious? i expected the exam to be tricky but not semantic chicanery. im taking the test this week and my confidence has been somewhat shaken.



      thanks for any help!



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