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    At the Buzzer!!!

    Scott D


      He shoots!!!......


      HE SCORES!!!


      Haha this is my joking way of saying that man did I wait til the last minute to take the ARCH exam (873). I used the available materials that were out there including the Cert guide and several videos(even some CCDA ones) to pass my ARCH and get my CCDP to go next to my CCNP now.


      I'm sure next year sometime I'll probably get the new ARCH book and read up on the changes because even after taking the test there were a few questions I was like ahhhh **** I need to go study up more on that subject because it was way too fuzzy to answer quickly enough to be proficient.


      But for now! I must start my CCIE book collection... which book will it be first..... TCP/IP fundementals orrrrrr QoS orrrr MPLS ... hrmmmmm ...