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    IUWVN exam review

    Jeff Rensink

      I passed the IUWVN exam today.  Since I did a review of the CUWSS exam, I figured I should do the same for this one.


      This was my second CCNP Wireless exam (CUWSS was my first).  The CUWSS had a slight overlap in material.  Mostly in terms of the RF design (cell edge RSSI, SNR, etc).  So that was a little bit of help when preparing for this exam.  I only spent a little over 2 weeks studying for this exam.  I used the materials listed below.


      • Deploying Voice over Wireless LANs- Cisco Press book
      • Voice over Wireless LAN 4.1 Design Guide
      • Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G Deployment Guide
      • Enterprise Mobility 4.1 Design Guide
      • Practice questions on this site


      I found studying for this exam harder than the CUWSS exam since there is no quick reference guide from Cisco Press (even though it shows an expected release date of January 2011).  The "Deploying Voice over Wireless LANs" book was not very good.  There was some helpful general VoIP info.  But the actual wireless stuff in there was full of bad advice.  If you can find general VoIP stuff elsewhere for the "Describe voice as it applies to the wireless network" portion of the exam topics list, skip this book.


      Get very familiar with the "Voice over Wireless LAN 4.1 Design Guide".  That should be your main study material.  "Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G Deployment Guide" is good for the Cisco phone info and I found the "Enterprise Mobility 4.1 Design Guide" to have some better wireless multicast info than the Voice over Wireless design guide.  Although I never did find a really good wireless multicast document.  That was probably why that was my worst section in the exam.  Maybe someone else can recommend a good resource.


      When I took the exam, I ended up having more questions and less time than this site lists for the exam.  But I was done in about 40 minutes.  This exam definitely required much more careful reading of questions and answers than the CUWSS exam.  Not that they were really trying to trick you.  But you just need to make sure that you are clear on what's being asked.


      I can't break NDA.  But here are a few tips that I think are kosher to share.


      • In wireless, things change between WLC/WCS software and phone firmware versions.  So try and be familiar with some of these differences and what version they changed in.  The exam will specify a version in the questions.
        • An example (that I did NOT get in the exam) is that the Voice 4.1 design guide will say that 7921 phones can only do fast roaming via CCKM with WPA/TKIP.  But in firmware 1.3(4) and later, they can do fast roaming with WPA2/AES.
      • The exam topics do not mention it, but you should be familiar with more than just Cisco brand wireless phones.  This point can be inferred by the content of the practice quizes on this site.


      Good luck to others who are taking this exam.  If you find any other good study sources, please share with the group.

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            Awesome review Jeff.  I figured that the deployment and design guides from Cisco.com would be good study materials. I am thinking of doing the security test after CUWSS.


            Jeff, do you have experience in the wireless field?

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              Jeff Rensink

              I'll probably do the security exam next (after I take a short break to recert my CCIE).


              I did some wireless a few years back in the enterprise space.  Now I'm working for a Cisco parner as an engineer primarily focusing on wireless (I do route/switch stuff too).  So I've been training in on doing site surveys and controller work.  I'm using the CCNP- Wireless exams to help me spin up on things faster.  Fortunately, I've also got a great mentor at work to help me learn the real world stuff that doesn't often make it into the exams.

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                How about Voice experience?  Do you have any and was it it help in this exam?

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                  Jeff Rensink

                  I had some limited exposure to voice.  I knew the basics, but I wouldn't be able to do much in Call Manager (or whatever it's called nowadays).

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                    hmmm... If it overlaps with CUWSS a lot, I may take a stab at it.  I haven't decided between this or the Security exam or just taking a break from wireless and going to something else.

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                      Thanks for this information. Very useful.

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                        Steven Williams

                        Is it me, or does Cisco lack the materials for the CCNP Wireless track? Is this an oversight by Cisco? Are they aware of the lack of materials?

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                          Jeff Rensink

                          They definitely have much less for wireless than they do for most of the othe tracks.  I'm sure it's mainly a demand issue.  They probably don't think there's enough demand to justify the costs of creating all of the books.


                          On the positive side, Cisco has the material out there from what I've found so far.  It just may not be consolidated into a single volume like you may be used to fro other tests/tracks.  I'll be insterested to see if the quick reference books for the security and mobility exams are as helpful as the survey exam's was.

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                            Actually, I have the CUWSS quick reference and I would say that it has been a help.  I was at the Cisco Store at CiscoLive and had a good conversation about the lack of CCNP Wireless materials.  They said that if more people would take the CCNP Wireless tests that maybe books would come out.  I responded by saying how do you expect people to take the tests if there are no study materials.  They smiled and got the point.


                            However, Jeff does make a good point as well.  The demand does need to be there.

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                              Thomas Perrier

                              Hollywood0728 wrote:


                              Is it me, or does Cisco lack the materials for the CCNP Wireless track? Is this an oversight by Cisco? Are they aware of the lack of materials?

                              By Cisco you must mean Cisco Press. Because the training courses (Instructor Led-Classroom style) do supply you with adequate material. Of course, the downside is the cost...

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                                Yeah, and Cisco Courses ain't cheap.  So I go the self study route due to cost.  The bad thing is that if there are not sufficient study materials for self studiers... then it almost encourages the use of brain dumps, which is not a good thing.  When you look for legit CCNP Wireless material, the majority of it is brain dumps.  So by not providing materials, what choice is one given?

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                                  Jeff Rensink

                                  Brain dumps are never the answer.  There is plenty of material out there to pass the CCNP wireless exams.  It's just not wrapped up in a nice little package like some of the other more popular tracks are.  I passed the exam without using brain dumps and without having much experience in the wireless field.  So anyone else can too.  Also, the journey to achieving your certification is way more important than obtaining the certification itself.  So don't cheat yourself by taking a shortcut.


                                  For this exam, you have to dig into the design and deployment guides.  At this stage in your certification journey, you may not have had to do that before.  But if you have aspirations of being a wireless tech, you gotta know and love those guides anyways.  Also, if you've ever studdied for a CCIE, this will be nothing new to you.


                                  Just follow my study material suggestions at the beginning of this post and that should get you in the ballpark.  If you run into exam topics that you aren't finding good info on, just post to the discussion boards and someone can help you.

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                                    I completely agree Jeff.  Brain dumps are NEVER acceptable.  Nor was I trying to advocate support for their use.  I was just saying that because CCNP Wireless materials are not delivered in a certification guides, many people struggle with studying for these exams and they fear that the quick reference may not cut it.  I have heard and seen many people express frustration because all they see is dumps for CCNP Wireless.


                                    Your method you described is exactly what I did.  I dug into the design guides and used the quick reference guides from Cisco Press.  It's a bit more difficult because your study materials kind of hidden in cisco.com articles and design guides, but as you say, the material is there, you just got to work harder in finding it.  As challenging as it may be, I quite enjoyed it because you can see where the test really comes from.  The design and config guides on cisco.com is a treasure of information for any certification test.

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