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    CCIE Wireless Refresh to v2.0

    Adrie: Certifications Community Mgr.

      Cisco has released version 2.0 of its CCIE Wireless certification.  The updated requirements are based on the latest wireless technology and validates that a professional has the expertise to design and manage wireless networks and to make mission-critical and business-critical wireless network decisions.

      The updated written and lab v2.0 exams will cover configuration and troubleshooting of the following:

      • Layer 2 and 3 network infrastructure to support WLANs
      • Infrastructure Application Services
      • Autonomous deployment model
      • Unified deployment model
      • WLAN Services
      • WCS

      The CCIE Wireless v2.0 Written and Lab Exams are scheduled for release in all worldwide testing centers on November 18, 2011 and will be the only versions available for testing at that time.  An optional beta version of the new CCIE Wireless v2.0 written exam will be available in July 2011 at a discounted price of $50 USD.  An announcement will be made several weeks before scheduling opens for candidates interested in taking the beta exam. 

      Written and Lab Exam Refresh v2.0:

      Candidates who have  their written or lab exams scheduled November 18, 2011 or later should prepare using the CCIE Wireless Written Exam Topics v2.0, and the Lab Exam Topics v2.0

      Candidates who have written exams scheduled on or prior to November 17, 2011 should continue using the existing CCIE Wireless Written Exam Topics v1.0  and the Lab Exam Topics v1.0.  Please view the Written Exam Study/Learn tab and Lab Exam Study/Learn tab for more information on how to study and prepare for the Written Exam.

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