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    ccnp route lab


      hello all,


      is anybody aware of any GNS labs for ccnp route switch and tshoot


      coz to config a ospf or bgp scenario from scratch everytime takes a lot of time


      r thr any premade labs available which i can fireup in gns and play around


      thanks in advance



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          Yudha AP

          Hi Rishi,

          if you're looking for labs to practice in CCNP preparation, check on http://gns3vault.com/Table/Labs/

          There are many labs :

          • Multicast
          • BGP
          • Combined Labs
          • Frame Relay
          • HDLC & PPP
          • Tunneling & GRE
          • RIP
          • IPv6
          • MPLS
          • Security
          • Network Services
          • Quality of Service (QoS)
          • Static Routing
          • OSPF
          • EIGRP
          • Troubleshooting
          • Redistribution
          • Switching

          Good luck

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            Pete Nugent

            So how do you expect to learn if not by cofiguring from scratch?


            Doing that will help you troubleshoot as you make mistakes, solidify your understanding of the labs and interaction etc.


            Once you understand the concepts you can save core configs and add/change as you need to practice.

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              Warren Sullivan - CCNP

              I 100% agree with peter, remember that the ROUTE exam is pretty heavy on configuration, building from scratch is the best idea in my humble opinion, maybe look at gns3 vault and others for some topo ideas, even an old google images search for CCNP ROUTE labs will return some interesting results to imitate too, but configure them from scratch.....this all help solidify implementation plans and config etc, verifying along the way....


              Cheers and best of luck!


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                Yudha AP

                Yes, I agree with both, petenugent and warren.

                You can use gns3 vault as an additional (supplement), not as the primary method in preparation.

                Good luck

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                  Wesley Kirby

                  I have to agree with Peter & Warren....it is one thing to do a lab with a pre-configured router and completely another to configure the router from scratch.  I have personally found it very beneficial to configure all of Jeremy's CBT Nugget labs from scratch.  Very much worth the time and effort.