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    Connect Linksys to a Cisco Router


      I am trying to connect my Linksys54GL Cable modem to my Cisco Router and connect it a Cisco Switch and allow my PC to access the Internet.

      I have Cable Modem that plugs in to my Linksys. This is the WAN IP ---> 71.194.132.XX / XX


      Local IP Address /24

      DHCP Range: 50-60


      Here is what I have configured:

      I connected a PC ---> 2960Switch ---> 2621XM ----> linksys 54GL ddwrt --> WAN.

      Everything seems fine, but I am unable to ping the Linksys router from the PC and I can't ping the Switch from my Linksys router.


      Here is the setup:



      IP: / 24


      I telent from my PC to the Switch and I can ping from the PC (or the Switch) both Fa Interfaces on the Cisco Router.


      2900 Switch:

      IP /24

      interface Vlan1

      description "SVI Int"

      ip address


      ip default-gateway


      The Switch connects to F0/1 Int on the Router.


      2600 Router:

      interface FastEthernet0/1

      description "E0/1 to Switch"

      ip address


      interface FastEthernet0/0

      description "E0/0 to Linksys"

      ip address


      ip default-gateway

      ip classless

      ip route




      I can get to the Internet from the Cisco Router and ping google and it seems to be working fine, but when I try to do the same from the switch the communication brakes off. From the switch I can ping Inteface Fa0/0 on the Router, but I cannot ping Linksys or get on the Internet. I tried to enable RIP to see if that would work, and it didn't. 


      I would appreciate if you could help with this ASAP, I spend a whole day trying to figure this out and I just need to get this going.