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    The Brain Dump Blacklist

    TheOtherTomJones, pACE, CIPT

      Lets just get a thread going that lists all the braindumps that form a study/resource "blacklist" so to speak.


      Ill start with a few I know of:


      Test King

      Pass 4 Sure

      Exam Cram

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          I don't think CBT Nuggets should be considered as "braindump"

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            TheOtherTomJones, pACE, CIPT

            Im not either, but Im also not sure if Transcender is as well.


            Some consider "illegal" brain dumps anything thats not Cisco Authorized/Approved. I disagree with the sentiment, but I think this is a great forum to discuss this.

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              I don't think CBT Nuggets can be considered a braindump.

              Here is the link to CBT Nuggets: http://www.cbtnuggets.com/


              Also, in my personal opinion, the primary study tool should be equipment. If a person just watches videos or reads books, then good luck to them. Hands-on is the best way to gain the requisite knowledge.


              A braindump is a site that has actual exam questions. Its pretty funny too, because although anyone can memorize a bunch of answers, it is becoming more difficult to cheat on exams that require you to configure devices that interact with one another. There was a guy on here a few months ago that started posting his CCIE exam because he failed the troubleshooting section. Pretty funny. Crying because he couldn't get his CCIE because he couldn't figure out how stuff was supposed to work together. Honestly, if you failed an exam that you actually studied for, you might be disappointed, a little frustrated, but you dust yourself off, see where you went wrong, then get back on the horse.


              Also, when a person has a cert that they cheated to get, how do they approach an interview where they have a technical lab? I'm curious, do they just sit there? Seriously, what do they do?


              For those that are tempted to use braindumps because you either don't understand what they are, or are looking for the edge to get you over the hump, just don't use them, spend the money on something that will actually help you learn. If you are in the latter group, and you feel that is the only way you can pass, do yourself and all the rest of us a favor and find a new career field.


              Because the only reason companies like this stay in business, is because of ******* cheaters, who have spent there entire lives taking shortcuts, and expect somebody to just hand them something without having to work for it. It pisses me off. Where is the sense of accomplishment?



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                TheOtherTomJones, pACE, CIPT

                Thanks for clearing that up!


                CBT Nuggets shall *NOT* be considered a brain dump!

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                  I think anywhere that guarantees that you'll pass your exam is something that should raise a candidates' awareness and create reason for pause. 


                  I do not believe Transcender qualifies for brain dump status either, but then again, I've never used it so I can't speak from first hand experience.  CBT Nuggets certainly is not a brain dump.


                  Brain dump == stolen, actual exam questions.  


                  Videos that lay out the materials in an easy to understand method that helps people pass?   Good business product, lol. 

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                    I don't think CBT Nuggets should be consider a braindump, because honestly that's one of the resources that I used to help me pass my Switch exam for the CCNP as well as my Route Exam, and personally Jeremy actually teaches pretty well.  I plan on taking my T-Shoot next week, I have read books, I have studied over and over using the actual equipment as well as GNS3 with some vault labs. But I must say CBT Nugget helped me out alot but doing the actual working and troubleshooting the situation on my own was a lot better.


                    I have worked very hard to get to where I am, and if CBT Nuggets is consider to be a braindump then I apologize because I did use it.

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                      Pete Nugent

                      First of all you have to be very careful. CBT Nuggets certainly is not a brain dump site and should be taken off the list by editing the post.


                      I agree with the sentiment of the post but are we not also giving these guys free advertising. I think everyone knows who is and who is not a dum site.


                      I also disagree that anything non Ciso or Cisco approved is a dump. There are many good sources that are not Cisco approved. Keiths videos for one and all the non Cisco 360 programs.


                      I also agree that just reading ond or watching videos is not the best and should be blended with some practical experience which for the core subjects like R&S is becoming more and more accessible with the likes of GNS3, ok it doesnt cover switching but it leaves some more money for switches


                      WHat do we do for syudying Nexus, Data Centre Wireless etc all expensive topics.


                      Rather than slamming the dump sites we should ask Cisco to comment what they are doing, barring dumpers etc. Once a week we see questions posted here from dumpers and they still get their certs.


                      I appreciate its difficult but lets not give them airtime or a presence in any respect on a Cisco forum. There was a recent post with numerous links to dumps on this forum. We just have to make sure that as we move on in the field and maybe start hiring ourselves or are involved in the interview process that we maintain our integrity and do it the right way so that we can actually do the job and take on the roll that our certs suggest we are capable of.

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                        Trancender used to be considered a dump site, many many years ago.  It was purchased by the same company that produced Self Test Software and turned into a legit source.

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                          TheOtherTomJones, pACE, CIPT

                          Great post!


                          I may look into some video driven services myself. I dont exactly have a desire to purchase switches for a home lab, so I may have to look into Ciscos IOS on Unix service. It was an internal product only for the longest time (IOU and Web IOU).

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                            To all, I apologize for my previous rant, I guess I let the topic get the best of me. Its more than annoying to see people undervalue something that you work so hard to achieve. Nothing is more gratifying than spending countless hours at something, and finally achieving what you set out to do, but I guess some people just don't see it that way.

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                              I totally agree Delvonte!  I am working on a CCNP Wireless test right now and there is very very little legit study material.  The majority of it is brain dumps, which is very very pathetic.


                              So, I have gone to Cisco.com to look for docs related to the subject and have been writing my own practice questions I have developed as I read through cisco.com docs.  Doing this has been very time consuming and hard work, but very gratifying knowing that I am not cheating during my studying.

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                                Transcender is NOT !

                                I used them long time ago; very good practice tests;

                                Get it if you can afford it


                                CBT Nuggets are videos; there are no questions;

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                                  TheOtherTomJones, pACE, CIPT

                                  I do recall a tech training company handing out transcender discs as training material for a CCNA bootcamp I went to a long time ago. I also recall one of my colleagues using it for his CCNP studies - but this was 7 years or so ago?

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                                    Steven Williams

                                    Does Measure Up fall in this list....I think it does personally.

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