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    How to do Destination base NAT


      Hi Guys,


      I need ur help. Actually I need to do Destination base NAT from INSIDE TO OUTSIDE on Cisco router. Let me explain my requirement:-


      Source IP:- a.a.a.a(inside of router)


      Destination IP:- b.b.b.b(outside of router)


      IP to be used for NAT:- c.c.c.c


      So, when a packet arrives at router's inside interface with source IP a.a.a.a and destination ip b.b.b.b(router's outside interface) the destination IP (ie.b.b.b.b ) should get translated into IP c.c.c.c. and when the replies comes back the c.c.c.c should  get translated back to b.b.b.b.


      Plz help I need to deploy this soon.