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    360 Essentials Bundle - Access from multiple PC's?


      I have a few questions regarding the 360 Essentials Bundle before I purchase it.  I see that the program has to be downloaded/installed within the first 10 days.  Can this be done on two PC's for the same account or does all of the program have to be done on a single workstation?  Like most people, I have a work PC and a home PC.  I would like to be able to access the program via whichever PC is most convenient when I have time to work on it.


      Can the workbook be printed or do you have to maintain Internet access while you are working in your home lab?


      To qualify for the free retake, it says you must complete the entire program.  Does that mean you have to watch every VOD from beginning to end?  The program overview says there are 8 lessons with 20 hours of VOD per lesson.  That would be a total of 160 hours of VOD.  I'm sure there's a lot of value in the VOD's, but if after taking the preassessment you find particular areas you should be concentrating on, I could see where some of that 160 hours of video lessons might be more beneficial as extra lab time.  Obviously I'm not saying to skip or ignore them, you are buying a premium service and you want to get as much out of it as you can.  I am just wondering if you have to watch every one of them end to end as a prerequisite for the free retake or if you qualify by completing and scoring >80% on the assessments.