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    CCNA Setting up Home lab


      Hey Guys,

      I am planning on taking my CCNA exam in a few months and I have just started going though the Todd Lammle's book. I figured it will be very helpful if I can get a couple of Cisco Routers and a Switch to get there.

      I bought 2 Cisco 2501 & One 2511 Router. One Cisco 1900 Catalyst Switch. I have 2 Console Cables, 2 DTE/DCE Cables & 3 AUI Ethernet transceivers.

      My question is how do I connect all of these devices to my PC and configure them. I am frustrated and confused! I have no idea how to go about it.

      I could configure one router with the console cable connected to my PC and I got a pretty good idea but How do I use the remaining devices?

      Please provide step by step process of connecting these devices. I need help guys.


      Thanks & God bless,


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          1900 is too old for exam; you need 2900 series,  2511 are OK but just barely;

          PCs connected to Switch and switch to router via AUI trans. Another router to router via serial back-to-back.


          Play with gear a bit, but I recommand PT.  All you need is Packet tracer free (for some) from Cisco.

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            Mr. Martin, I appreciate your prompt response! I bought these devices from my CCNA Instructor and he said these will do well and good for CCNA. I will try to get a 2900 series switch though. I have been using packet tracer but not too much because I wanted to get familiar with the real hardware. Anyways, Could you provide more info on how to connect them together? I have got only one PC I can use. Could you please elaborate on what cables to use and into which ports. Thank you so much once again for your help.
            God bless you!