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    ccent before ccna?


      Do you HAVE to have your ccent before you can test and obtain your ccna?

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          Keith Barker - CCIE RS/Security, CISSP

          Hello Kevin.  The CCENT is not a prerequisite.


          To get the CCNA, we can take 2 exams (ICND1 640-822, and ICND2 640-816), or 1  comprehensive exam, the CCNA Exam 640-802.


          CCNA Exams & Recommended Training

          Required Exam(s)

          Recommended Training

          640-802 CCNAInterconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1) v1.1
          Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 (ICND2) v1.1


          Required Exam(s)

          Recommended Training

          640-822 ICND1Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1) v1.1
          640-816 ICND2Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 (ICND2) v1.1



          The 640-822 gets you the CCENT ceritification.

          The 640-822 + 640-816 gets you the CCNA.

          The 640-802 all by itself gets you the CCNA.


          Best wishes,



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            Thanks Kieth! That leads me to my next question. Is it realistic that one would be able to get a job with just a CCNA and no other certificates/degrees. I'm deciding between spending time at community college for 2 years just to get a CCNA, or getting the CCNA on my own and getting a job. But I'm concerned about whether or not a CCNA is going to get me a job. Would you suggest I get any other certificates or anything?

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              Paul Stewart  -  CCIE Security

              I personally recommend the two exam approach to the CCNA unless you are fairly experienced.  It's a lot easier to compartmentalize and the cost is a wash.  I find it to be less frustrating for candidates.


              Regarding a job, you will want to get some experience.  The fact that you don't have a wall full of certifications is less significant to me than someone that doesn't have a proven track record.  Do whatever you can to get some experience in a technical area.  This may be an internship, volunteer work or fully explaining some projects that you have been involved in academically.  Then from there it is a continual game of pushing yourself beyond your certification level, then certify to (or beyond) your experience.  It's that simple, but getting started can be a challenge.

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                Yeah I'm hoping to gain professional experience one way or another.  Any tips on getting started in a professional envirnoment? Resume/interview tips, certificate recommendations (asside from CCNA), etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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                  you don't have to, but I think  it is easier to focus on CCENT exam; then on ICDN2 which is heavy on configuration;

                  CCENT is more about fundamentals and theory; no configuration is tested, but still you need to know how to use IOS and show commands (read/interpret)

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                    Rigo - Community Moderator

                    Hi Kevin,


                    The information by Keith is correct.


                    There is no pre-requisite requirement for the CCNA certification.


                    The CCNA certification can be achieved by completing 1 of the 2 available path options:


                    Option 1: 640-802 CCNA


                    Option 2: 640-822 ICND1 and 640-816 ICND2


                    The 640-802 CCNA exam is a combination of both 640-822 ICND1 and 640-816 ICND2.


                    By taking the two exam option, you will achieve the CCENT certification (completing ICND1) and CCNA certification (completing both ICND1 and ICND2). Passing the 640-802 CCNA will only certify you in CCNA.


                    Good luck!




                    Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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                      Dimosthenis Atteia



                      You must do CCENT just to do CCNA Voice, Wireless, Security


                      I prefer CCNA R&S and not CCENT