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    One Router-Two Interfaces--Same IP-- Is it Possible ?



      Hi guys,



      Before writing "NO, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE " , please have some patience and read this entire confusion of mine.



      I was learning how to configure a router using SDM EXPRESS on 1841 model.



      While Configuring, a serial WAN connection, there are three options to get an IP for the serial interface.



      1. Static IP Address



      2. IP Unnumbered



      3. IP Negotiated.






      My Question is about OPTION 2 -

      IP UNNUMBERED. So I am leaving the details of options 1 and 3.



      IP Unnumbered option is available with Frame Relay, PPP and HDLC encapsulation types. If I select this option for , say, S0/0/0, the GUI shows another listbox labeled as "UNNUMBERED TO " which contains the names of fa0/0, fa0/1, S0/0/1, VLAN1. So it means, we can set the serial interface address of a router to match the IP address of one of the router's other functional interfaces.



      I am little bit confused ....






      NOW you can write your comments



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