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    Cisco Tracking System Unable to Access


      Hello Guys,



      For the past 6 months, I'm having problems logging at the cisco tracking system. Everytime i used the lost password option

      the e-mail that I used for registration is not recognized but at the same time, I still receive e-mail updates from here

      (learningnetwork.cisco.com). I already sent an e-mail web help@cisco.com but they haven't responded to me for weeks now.

      I tried calling customer support hoping that they would fix the issue but in my misfortune they only said that you need to wait..

      I've been waiting for 2-3 months now since I called them but no avail.



      So here's what I did!


      - I tried to register using the same e-mail - It worked! very weird

      - I tried to use the same username w/c is jonic103087 - did not work. cisco recognized my log in id!

      - I used a different username w/c is now jon103087. - it worked




      To sum this up I used a different username with my e-mail that i used before and it worked! very weird


      Now i went to cisco tracking system's website to login,


      I used my existing my CSCO ID - "Our records show that a different account is already mapped to this account. Please contact customer support."

      but i was able to log in here at CLN using my new cisco.com log ID and verified that this is still my old account when I registered Sep 5, 2009



      Can someone please check my cisco account. I have plans to take a certification exam and I need access to the tracking system.


      Just to take note I can still access my PearsonVUe account.


      Hoping that someone could me