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    Questions about the ccna exam



      How many questions can be missed without failing?



      What is the purpose of the time limit on the test besides making more difficult to pass?



      Is there any way to have the time limit extended for people who DO NOT have any disabilities?



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          "How many questions can be missed without failing?" is just like asking "How many holes are necessary in a boat without letting it sink ?"


          Answer is "No one can say."


          Instead of counting questions that can be missed, shift your concentration towards increasing the number of correct attempts.



          Because I think whatever you think about anything, you will progress in that direction only.


          And why are you thinking about such things Jason. CCNA exam is not that tough.


          Just make your fundamentals clear. Practice, Practice and Practice.


          Good Luck..



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            I think there is NO WAY to extend the time limit for persons who have NO DISABILITY.

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              of course i want to answer every question right but the fact is that I am not and I just have a natural couriousity to know how many wrong answers are preventing me from getting that passing score.



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                Different questions carry different marks.



                Cisco doesn't explicitely reveal the Marking Scheme for the questions.



                But I think Simulations should have more weightage than other questions.



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                  Nini Reed

                  Hi Jason,


                  Unfortunately, Cisco does not provide the exact number of questions on any Cisco exam, or the number of questions that can be missed on any Cisco exam.


                  Our exam scores are based on a point scaling system that is widely used in the industry. Your score can fall within a point scale of 300 to 1000 points. You are automatically awarded 300 points for beginning the test and can score up to 1000 points if you answer every question correctly on the exam. Please note that the specific number of points awarded to a given question varies on each of our different exams.



                  Nini - Cisco Learning Moderator

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                    Ian Grant








                    Does the score required to pass also change from exam to exam, or is it fixed at a certain level. And what would that level be?









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                      Cisco does not publish exam passing scores because exam questions and passing scores are subject to change without notice. The number of questions on each exam differs and the number of points per question differs, therefore we are unable to provide you with an exact passmark for any Cisco Career Certification exams. The passing score and the exact number of questions will be displayed on the screen at the beginning your exam. After completing an exam, candidates receive an individualized score report including a score breakout by exam section for pinpointing areas of strength and weakness.




                      Best of luck with your certification goals.





                      Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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                        Tejo Krishna Sriram

                        hi Andrew,


                        I have a question regarding ccna marking.in the multiple answer questions even one answer is wrong will all the question goes wrong or how does it go .