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    Multiple CCIE

    rOckY - MSc IT Security, CCIE Security

      Ok this topic may sound irrelevant and for that i wasnt sure where to post it so if you do know kindly do it for me.

      My aim is to become a high level consultant for cisco and for that my plan is to be a Triple CCIE or Quad CCIE if i can.


      My question is do i have to give all Lab exams or just 1 lab exam in addition to all the CCIE written exams?
      And also.. on renewals, do i renew all 3 or 4 CCIE written exams or would just renewing a single (either) CCIE renew the status of all the other CCIE exams?


      I am choosing the following tracks and in order to have some feedback from experts in the community on my roadmap i am sharing them below:

      1. Security (written already passed)
      2. Voice
      3. R&S
      4. Design


      My belief... If i am able to achieve these properly with the appropriate hands-on, i would become the Cisco hulk. Your thoughts??

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          Rigo - Community Moderator

          Hi Rocky,


          If you are pursuing multiple CCIE certifications, you will need to pass the CCIE written and lab exams for each corresponding track in order to become certified. For instance, since you have already passed the CCIE Security exam, you will need to pass the CCIE Security lab exam in order to obtain the CCIE Security certification.


          If you hold multiple valid CCIE certifications, you can pass 1 qualifying recertification exam before your CCIE expiration date to recertify your certifications. For full details of the CCIE recertification policy, please visit http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/le3/ccie/recert/index.html


          Please note: Individual pass exams cannot be recertified by passing other exams, but only valid obtained certifications. If you wish to extend the validity of a particular exam, you will need to pass the same exam again. Please refer to the exam retake policy.


          Good luck!




          Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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            Just One written CCIE exam is necessary to renew all your CCIEs taken every 2 years     .


                      Pass any current CCIE Written Exam OR CCIE Lab Exam or

            • Pass the current CCDE Written Exam OR current CCDE Practical Exam, or
            • Pass the Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr) interview AND the CCAr board review to extend lower certifications.



            Good luck;

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              Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE

              When you first get your CCIEs, you have to do the written+lab combination for EACH and EVERY one of them.  (Otherwise, I'd have a  lot more than I do!)


              When you recert though, you only need to pass one exam to recertify any/all that you have.


              By the way, CCIE Design doesn't exist any longer.  but the CCDE is around and may be what you were thinking of.


              Good luck in your studies, you definitely have enough to keep you busy for a while there!  



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                rOckY - MSc IT Security, CCIE Security

                First of all guys thanks for giving time to my thread.. actually Scott you are right i did mean the CCDE which i think counts as or above the CCIE (in reputation).


                I do have a plan and target set, but due to lack of resources i am only trying to use the GNS3.. i wanna know from you guys that i can not reach very far by that cuz i'll be inspecting ways to get things done and in the end i'll not get to it so i need someone to tell me that lol

                Thirdly.. since i am keen on spending that much time on Cisco people have been trying to move me out of this by saying "Are you sure you wanna remain uni-vendor certified" etcetc.. Eventhough they know that cisco is the future and covers up many aspects of IT now rather just switching but now my question, do you really believe people spending that much time for just 1 Vendor would payback? (this question might be silly actually)


                Fourthly and Lastly, i am ready and already going through the pro-track study meaning CCDP, CCNP and CCNP voice one by one but you must know that Motivation is something i keep looking for all the time that i do get but somedays are not like always.. i am a natural bodybuilder too and i've had tough days when i couldnt get myself even to face the GYM but then i've had my motivation secrets and the next day i was pumping up double...        Any tips for the cisco tracks?