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    Another Lab question


      Hello all,

      Well you guessed it, this is another discussion about setting up a home voice lab.  I would like to run by you all a pending setup for working on the CCNA / CCNP voice.

      The lab consists of (all from eBay):

      • 2801 intergrated router; with the following additions
        • Additional DSP resoures to 16
        • FXO (4 port)
        • FSX (waiting for stock)
        • 4 Port PoE Switch - with power supply
        • CME installed
      • CMS Server (HP DL380 G2), 500GB HD with CUCM 7 and CU Connection
      • Wireless access point (Im not sure on the details yet as its as its not been used)

      Im hoping the above will allow me to study for the CCNA Voice (ICOMM v8) and then progress to the CCNP Voice. Can you please let me know your thoughts, is it going to be OK?


      This is stretching my budget, so I wont be able to get anything else at the moment but just want to check this will help me meet the requirements for learning the various topics and give me actual hands on experience.


      Thank you all in advance.